FREE Online Training For Accountants: 

How To Communicate Your Value & Win High Value Accounting & Advisory Clients

This rarely used mindset and method translates what you do, into high value outcomes clients dream of.. and never argue the fee!


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"We have doubled the size of our firm in under 18 months due to value based positioning and presenting better value packages"

– Winnie Whately, Whately Accounting

"We added $302k to our revenue almost instantly using these strategies... only two clients gave any resistance"  

– Gavin Waring, Your Business Angels

"I was struggling to attract good quality leads. We had awesome traffic, but the only leads we got were low value bargain hunters looking for a cheap price....

When Richard taught me about getting our message right, everything else fell into place and suddenly we were attracting and winning better quality clients that suited our speciality". - Darren Eagle, Former Head Of Sales & Marketing for RightWay

This FREE Training, Is Perfect For You...

  • Are tired of having to tread on eggshells when communicating fees with clients
  • Feel like you are working for free for far too many hours a week
  • If you are worried that raising your fees will force good clients to leave
  • If you are constantly struggling for capacity due to low value, time consuming compliance clients
  • If you don’t know how to structure higher value flexible fee packages that clearly show value

... or maybe you are just fed up with clients challenging every fee you charge and never seem to understand your value!

What You Will Understand After This Web Coaching Class...

  • How to change your conversation in an initial meeting to Communicate High Value that your ideal clients are wishing for
  • Why your website attracts low value clients that forces them to judge you on price alone
  • Why your FREE Consultation sets you up for failure
  • How to introduce a premium pricing option that 30% of your prospects are begging for (This is your path to higher value clients).  
  • How to confidently increase your fees with existing clients – (WITHOUT FEAR of losing them because they will now clearly see your value) 
  • How to rename your fixed fee solutions to communicate your value so dream clients sign. (Other accountant’s “compliance clients” will become YOUR advisory goldmines!) 
  • How to regain control of your work/life balance (Imagine having a smaller but more profitable client list that afforded you the freedom to work on your terms.) 
  • How to rebrand your fixed fee packages and stand out amongst your competitors with options they simply cannot match. (Imagine presenting proposal options that are so unique, your competitors will not even be in the picture)

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These Are Strategies That Work for Accountants in the REAL World... 

"As someone who thought he knew it all, it's nice to reminded that I don't. The bundling strategies have revolutionised how we present our business"

Gavin Waring, Your Business Angels

RightWay grew by a massive 400% over 2 years on Darren's watch. I would definitely recommend his involvement in any professional services, business development environment. 

Greg Sheehan, Former CEO and Co- Founder of RightWay

"I applied the ARMed principles from "packaging and pricing" for a prospect in my first month and they signed the engagement letter for $25k/year fee. 12 months on and I am now completing by best year ever!"

Grant McCarthy, McCarthy & Co Accountants

"We have offered the premium option twice already and both have been accepted... wow!"

  Rochelle Hamilton, Hamilton Brown Partners

Meet Your Hosts, Richard & Darren ... 

Richard Petrie 

Richard is a former cricket pro turned marketing coach, author and entrepreneur.  

Since hanging up the bat (and after playing against the likes of Allan Border, Mark Waugh and Merv Hughs!), he's spent 13 years helping accountants to grow their practices. 

(People like Gavin Waring, who grew his business by over $400K in the first year working with Richard!)  

He’s now an in-demand marketer, author, speaker and entrepreneur who's worked with Deloitte, ANZ, RightWay, BDO, Air New Zealand – to name a few.  

Darren Eagle 

Darren is the master marketer responsible for helping RightWay become the fastest growing accounting firm in Australasia.  

Between 2014 and 2016, he used many of the strategies he learned from Richard to go from struggling marketer – burning money on flyers, Adwords etc – to helping grow the company by 400%. 

(During that period RightWay was generating over 300 opportunities and 145 new clients per month for 30 Regional Partners!)

Now, Richard and Darren work together to help other accountants grow their practices, while enjoying more freedom and having more fun!