• "You have an existing business currently doing $10k+ per month"
  • "You currently charge at least $5k+ per annum per client (or want to)"
  • "You usually sign on at least 2 out of 5 prospects you talk too"
  • "You are stuck and seeking immediate support right now"

Please Note: We Get The Best Results With Accountants Who Are Established And Currently Have A Healthy Client Base (Not trying to be elitist, but after four years we know who we get the best results for and prefer not to waste anyone's time including our own)

After running the clients through the 50/50 challenge inside the Premium Pricing module, we negotiated the clients onto a monthly package of $825 and asked for a referral, and got one straight away. The referred client is coming on board as we write, their package will be around $640 per month. Overall two excellent results. (15x ROI)

Brad Gunn - Vault Accountants & Financial Advisers

Initially, 'time' was all I was selling and I was not necessarily charging for. I wasn’t invested in my own success! Now Value is what I am selling and charging what it’s worth to my clients who I would literally go to the ends of the earth for....I am emotionally invested in their success, it makes sense that they should be invested in my success.

My business has subsequently doubled since joining the 80/20 Academy! (That's a 15x ROI)

Winnie Whately - Whately Accounting

Just finishing off the Pricing & Packaging - I have put into place pricing tiers, and emailed all clients, overall a 20% increase - mostly no one replied, those that did, replied straight away saying how can I sign up now!!!! Also three referrals this week. All Good from here. The only way is up. (12x ROI)

Jayne Sangster - Go Tax Accounting

"Using what we learned in the 80/20 Academy we have offered the premium option twice already and both have been accepted... and have since completed our best quarter ever!" (10x ROI)

 Rochelle Hamilton, Brown Hamilton Partners